Personalized Laser Engraved or Cut Creations of All Types and Kinds. Come Challenge Us!

What do you get when you put laser technology
in the hands of a bunch of creative minds?

We’re not talking about the standard stuff. What can you think of.

Lasers are VERY accurate. They cut within the thickness of a human hair, in fact.


We wanted to get the power of laser out of the hands of the BIG BOYS and bring it to the masses. Have a small run? Bring it on! Want to test an idea? Bring it on?

Cut through wood, plexiglass, leather, fabric, foam, masonite, and much more.
How about engraving? Engrave wood, plastic, brick, corian®, fabric, foam, masonite, paper, rock, rubber, silicon, marble, leather and again, so much more.

If you are graphics minded, think of it this way: Engrave text as vector art (such as Adobe .eps files) or a 3D image using a bitmap or raster image (such as Adobe .psd files). So, we can take a photo and 3D engrave it on many different materials.

laser engraving

• Enhance your current product with your logo.
• Add text directly to a product.
• Add additional value to a current product.
• Create an entirely new product with precision cutting.
• Create a special item/gift for that special person.
• Prototype a new product (short run quantities).
• Mark tools for security
• Cut foam for travel cases (and so much more).

Once you begin to understand just what the laser capabilities are, your mind will begin to go crazy with possibilities.

You may want to prototype a product or enhance a printed piece. You can take offset printed materials from the press and precision cut them using the laser.

Short run, creative work is our specialty!

Drop us a note and we will help you better understand the capabilities and limits of the laser… Then we can get down to Fun.

Imagine the possibilities!