Personalized Holiday Gifts

The Holidays are upon us. Our attention turns to finding just the right gift to match just the right person. There is no better way to do so than to personalize a gift. Laser engraving an item or creating a  unique laser created gift is the way to go.


We know someone that loves to cook and enjoys making things for others. We took an already special rolling pin made from Bamboo that is highly durable and gave it a custom flair. We engraved both sides with the family name and a short loving quote on the other. You can even get trickier and engrave the saying in reverse to make the right baking impression.

We went a step further and created a custom box just for the rolling pin. We matched the saying and family name on the exterior of the box and created special leather hinges for a different touch.

This is a customized bamboo rolling pin in a custom made box with leather hinges.

Our size limit is 24″ x 18.”  This is the size of our cutting table. The depth limit is 7.” Other than that… Your imagination is the limit. You will begin to look at items with a different perspective when you realize you can take ordinary items and make them uniquely fitted to just the right person.

If you have an idea, drop us an eMail and let us know what is on your mind. We can work it out together. We love the unique.

Laser engraving can be done on wood, glass, plexiglass, ceramic, some cloth, anodized aluminum, bare aluminum, and many other surfaces., Spread the word.
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Personalized Holiday gifts perfect for everyone.


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