Laser Engraving Favorites: Stainless Steel Water Bottle

CO2 Laser Engraving and Marking: Here at LaserCreatives we have our favorite items and from time-to-time we will bring some of them to you. We are located in the heart of the Southwest in Scottsdale, Arizona. That means water is one of our precious commodeties. We also try to be environmentally conscious and therefore have gone to using perminent water bottles rather than the disposable plastic bottles.

In doing so and after having used many different types of water bottles, we have settled upon a favorite. We discovered it on a shopping trip through our local Costco. We found a set of two for under $20. It turns out it is stainless steel and with a special compound takes to the laser very well. It is a double walled stainless steel, which means the beverage of your choice will stay cooler (or warmer)  longer. An important feature here in the Southwest. It also prevents the bottle from sweating. Another nice feature no matter where you live.

The bottle comes with a locking pop-up sip valve. There is a blank pressure valve built right into the cap. This makes it very easy to sip from. In our experience, some other types of bottles can create an air gap and be much harder to sip from. The top has a built in two-finger clip area that makes it easy to hold or clip to your pack.

Now to the laser engraving part. If  you can think of it, we can pretty much laser it on the bottle. The result is a stainless steel background with a black engraving. We use a special engraving compound that reacts to the heat of the laser to permanently engrave the image on the bottle. Yes, it can be scratched like anything else, but the engraving is dishwasher save and long lasting. We can engrave completely around the bottle. Some designs repeat, so it looks like there are two sides. Others are designed to be completely different all the way around the bottle. We also like to engrave the owners name on the bottle. We find that this helps other “well intentioned” people from mistaking this fine work of art as their own. 🙂

The pricing at Costco seems to be the best we have seen so far. Like all our work, we price the laser engraving by the hour and break that down to the minute. It works out to be $2.25 per min. Obviously, the more complicated the design the longer it takes to engrave. Individual items may require a small set-up or hand work fee. If you dont have  your own graphic, we would be happy to create one for you. Prices on graphics work can be provided once we understand your needs. After all, remember, we are a graphics company that got ahold of a laser. 😉

Personalizing your items and showing them off to your friends is fun. It also allows you to show off your interests or promote special aspects of your life. Promote a cause, celebrate your accomplishments, or let the world know what is important to you. It is all great fun.

Laser engraving is precise, versatile, effective, and mostly limited only by your imagination. Give us a call to investigate the possibilities.

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