Balsa Wood Glider

Ever want to design your own balsa wood airplane glider? Now you can. Send us your plans and we will laser cut it for you. Size limit is 24″ x 18″ for ALL parts. Meaning, we will use one piece no bigger then 24″x18″ to cut out all parts. When you create your electronic file, make sure all parts fit within this size. If you need single parts that are larger, please call.

This idea came about when searching for plans to cut out my own glider. Resources on the net are actually limited. I wanted to not only cut out a glider, but put some fancy designs on the wings and fuselage. I thought that if I was having this trouble others must be also.

Balsa wood glider planes can take us back to our  youth or excite todays younger crowd to the joys of flying. Dreams of lifting off and seeing the world from a whole new perspective fill the minds of young and… more than young… 🙂

Lets have fun together. You draw up the plans and we will precision laser cut them to your specifications. If you include a design on each piece, the laser will delicately engrave your design also. If you have any questions, ask. Drop us an email.

I will post some free plans and sample photos to show what is possible. Keep an eye out.

We have a fantastic laser and are looking to spread the fun. It’s time for Take Off.

Balsa wood airplane gliders are the way to unlock the excitement of flying in the young and young at heart., Spread the word.
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Balsa wood airplane model designs

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